Covid Corner

Syllabus Text:

COVID-19 Protocols
To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the following protocols are
required of all students that come to the Oakton campus:
● Masks are required in classrooms, labs, the Early Childhood Center and
the Wellness Center at Des Plaines and Skokie, regardless of vaccination
● Masks are recommended but optional for everyone in other indoor
● Faculty and staff may request individuals to wear masks in some settings
or offer alternate accommodations for meetings and consultations.
● The College’s facilities team will continue to conduct frequent cleaning,
including in classrooms and on high-touch surfaces.
● Employees and students are encouraged to maintain physical distance
when possible.
● To maintain a safe campus environment and to support students
affected by COVID-19, Oakton expects students enrolled in classes with an
on-campus component (regardless of vaccination status) to self-report in
the following categories:
1. Testing Positive for COVID-19,
2. Experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19,
3. Having had close contact with a person known to have tested
positive for COVID-19, or
4. Having had close contact with a person experiencing symptoms
associated with COVID-19.
Reports should be made by students as soon as possible to the Office of
Student Affairs at or (847)635-1739. In addition,
your instructor may also inform Student Affairs on your behalf. Once a self-
report is received, the office will begin the contact tracing process and will
reach out to the student to trace and advise, as appropriate.
● Students who are not able to attend class due to having, having
symptoms of, or caring for someone with COVID-19 should immediately
contact their instructor(s). Instructors will discuss if and how the student
will complete their academic assignments if the student is quarantined
and/or unable to attend on-campus classes due to COVID-19 on a case-by-
case basis.

● Additional protocols may be required by your instructor.
Please note:
● Details about testing, vaccines, quarantine, other COVID-19 procedures
at Oakton and Oakton COVID-19 metrics can be found here.
● As the pandemic is ever-evolving, federal, state, college, and instructor
policies and procedures may change over the course of the semester.
Those changes, should they occur, will be communicated to you by the
college and/or your instructor. Thank you for your continued patience and
cooperation as we navigate this pandemic together.

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