Mentorship Program

October 29, 2020

Call for Adjunct Mentorship Program Facilitator Spring 2021+

Dear Adjunct Faculty,

Oakton’s newish adjunct mentorship program is a success. Our current Facilitator of the Program, Cari Paterno, will be stepping out of this role at the end of the spring term. We are seeking applications for a new facilitator for 21-22. The new facilitator will be onboarded by Adjunct Professor Paterno this spring. The new mentor will receive 0.25 LHEs for onboarding and 0.65LHEs for the fall and 0.65 LHEs for the spring term for their role as facilitator.

The official call letter is attached with a description of the responsibilities. Adjunct Professor Paterno and her predecessor, Adjunct Professor Barbara Cohen, have created the resources and D2L shell for this program.

If you are interested please complete the attached application by Friday, November 20, 2020 by 5pm. Submit to Ruth Williams,, Cari Paterno,, and Mary Hope Griffin,

Ruth Williams
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs,
Dean of Curriculum and Instruction