2020 AFA Board Officer Elections Results

October 1st

We wanted to update you on a few items that we are addressing.

  1. Classroom Observations   We are working out the final details with the College, but you should be able to postpone your classroom observation by your department chair if this is a semester during which you would normally be observed.  However, you must complete other paperwork for Continued Eligibility.  If you normally teach on-line, you will be observed.

  2. Mandatory Trainings   The AFA leadership is in conversation with College about an equitable way for these trainings to be accomplished by part-time faculty members.

  3. IEA Higher Education Council Survey   Watch your email for an important survey from the Illinois Education Association and how to best meet the needs of union members in higher education.

  4. AFA Board Meeting (members welcome to attend) October 2nd at 10-11am.

See our Website for more information:  https://oaktonadjuncts.com


2020 AFA Board Officer Elections Results

In the 2020 AFA Board Officer Elections, there were 69 total ballots cast.  Here are the results:

For President

  • Cheryl Thayer wins with 67 votes
  • 2 write-in votes for Mary Hope Griffin

For Vice-President

  • Mary Hope Griffin wins with 67 votes
  • 1 write-in vote for Nelson Wainwright
  • 1 ballot left blank

For Secretary

  • Linda Berendsen wins with 67 votes
  • 2 ballots left blank

For Treasurer

  • Cindy Del Medico wins with 68 votes 
  • 1 ballot left blank

If you have any questions about the election, please email oaktonAFAelections@gmail.com

Nelson Wainwright

Ruth Whitney

AFA Elections Committee


On Tuesday, September 8th at 2 pm Central the Elections Committee will count the votes and ballots in a live Zoom session.  All members are welcome to connect and attend the counting.  Information on joining the Zoom session will be sent to the email you registered with the AFA.  Email oaktonafaelections@gmail.com if you have any questions or have not received the Zoom meeting information by Tuesday morning.

Plan for AFA Officer Elections

Access to Oakton’s campus is currently restricted due to Covid-19, making an in-person election for the AFA Officer positions untenable.  The elections committee has determined the best course of action is to hold the election electronically.  Here is a brief timeline of the election process:

  • On Sunday, August 30th, you will receive an email with a link to a SurveyMonkey ballot.  Click on the link and submit your ballot as soon as possible.  
  • Each member will get a unique link to the ballot in their email.  They cannot complete the ballot more than once from that link.  The identity of the person who completed a particular ballot is completely secret.
  • On Monday, September 7th at 11:59 pm the election period will end.  No ballots completed after this deadline will be accepted as valid.
  • On Tuesday, September 8th at 2 pm the Elections Committee will count the votes and ballots on a live Zoom session.  All members are welcome to connect and attend the counting.  Information on joining the Zoom session will be published on the AFA website [https://oaktonadjuncts.com/] and sent to the email you registered with the AFA.
  • Paper ballot requests – see the section below the candidate information.

If you have any questions about this process, please email the Elections Committee at [oaktonafaelections@gmail.com].

AFA Elections Committee

Nelson Wainwright

Ruth Whitney

Meet the Candidates

Candidate for President: Cheryl Thayer

Hello AFA Members,

I am running for President of the AFA.  I have been at Oakton since January of 2004 and, like many of you, on and off semesters not by choice.  In 2012, I became involved with the AFA starting out in the office, moving to Vice President and Grievance Chair and now President.  As your President I represent our interests to the Administration.  The accomplishments of the AFA and its members have been tremendous, especially the transition to virtual.  Thank you for your support throughout the years and in the future.

In solidarity,


Candidate for Vice President: Mary Hope Griffin  

I have been teaching in the Humanities and Philosophy Department for 12 years now, primarily teaching World Religions and World Mythology.  Prior to coming to Oakton, I taught in the history department at Michigan State.  At Oakton I co-direct New Faculty Orientation and am serving on the Learning Day Committee.  This will be my second term as Vice President and I have served as Membership Chair.

Candidate for Secretary: Linda Berendsen

I am Linda Berendsen; since August 2001 I have taught all sections of English to non-native speakers here. Most recently, I have been having fun teaching EGL 102, helping students research the causes and effects of segregation.  A better writer than speaker, I have felt that being AFA secretary has been a good fit.

Candidate for Treasurer: Cindy Del Medico

I am seeking a 4th term as your treasurer. I have taught at Oakton for 23 years in the business division primarily BUS 101 and personal finance. I also have my own accounting business which focuses on corporate and personal income taxes.



Requesting a Paper Ballot

Any member may request a paper ballot before the election period begins (by August 29th).  If they request a paper ballot, they must come to campus on Thursday, September 3rd between 11 am and 3 pm to cast their ballot.  The Elections Committee will be outside, near the rear of Lot C (faculty/staff parking), and will have paper ballots available only for those members who have requested one beforehand.  Requests for paper ballots must be sent to [oaktonafaelections@gmail.com] by 11:59 pm, August 29th.  If you request a paper ballot, you will NOT receive an electronic ballot via email.  All members must follow all Oakton rules and guidelines for accessing campus, including completing the electronic Covid-19 screening form before arrival on campus.