What is the A.F.A.? The A.F.A. stands for the Adjunct Faculty Association. It represents all part-time faculty in the bargaining unit (see below) at Oakton Community College. The A.F.A. is affiliated with the IEA/NEA ( Illinois Education Association/National Education Association

What is the bargaining unit?  Who is included?  The bargaining unit consists of all part-time faculty currently teaching 6 or more hours as well as those who are teaching 3 or more hours but have taught 6 or more hours in either of the previous two Fall or Spring semesters.

What about other part-time faculty? Part-time faculty not in the bargaining unit are NOT covered by the contract. However many of the benefits won in contract negotiations, including salary increases, are extended to all part-time faculty teaching credit courses. For additional information, please see Request for Union Representation.

How do I join? Click Here.

Governance: The leadership of the AFA consists of four executive officers elected by the membership for 3 year terms. Officers may receive released time to perform their duties. In addition to the executive officers, there are several members of the Board appointed by a vote of the executive committee.

History and Purpose: The AFA was the first bargaining unit for part-time faculty in the state of Illinois and was formed over 25 years ago. As a bargaining unit it represents the part-time faculty in negotiations to improve salary, working conditions, and benefits at Oakton. It is also committed to facilitating the on-going professionalization of part-timers through attendance at workshops and conferences.

What Has the AFA accomplished?

  • Annual pay increases as well as increases for years of service. According to data compiled by the Illinois Community College Board, Oakton part-timers are among the best paid in the state. Prior to the first contract, Oakton part-timers had not received a pay increase in 7 years.

In addition, bargaining unit faculty are entitled to

  • Tuition reimbursement for up to 4 classes a year for part-timers or any members of their immediate family.
  • A stipend for preparation time if a part-timer’s class is cancelled or he is bumped within 5 days of the beginning of the semester.
  • Recognition of seniority in assignment of classes. bumping rights after 5 years of service payment for service on college-wide committees.
  • a grievance procedure.

How do I know what the AFA is doing? The AFA has a newsletter.  The AFA Board meets once a month and all meetings are open to members. Once each Fall and Spring Semester there is a membership meeting. Finally the AFA has a Website.

What happens if, after I join, I drop out of the bargaining unit? Most people continue their membership. However, if you prefer, you can email oaktonafa@gmail.com and we will make sure that payroll no longer collects dues.