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November 23, 2020

Dear Adjunct Faculty:

The last few months have been difficult ones as we have navigated working under new conditions during a global pandemic, a period of heightened racism, and a polarizing election. Many of us are feeling the strain of learning new technologies at work, while managing the shifting terrain of home life, including care-giving responsibilities, isolation, and fear for our own health and economic security.

We want to acknowledge this challenging period by listening to your experiences, particularly your needs and concerns. We hope that by listening to each other as a community, we can focus on life outside of our students, teaching, and paperwork and focus more on supporting one another to begin restoring balance to our lives.

Come and join in the community discussion scheduled for 4pm on Tuesday, December 1st; use this as a time check in and talk with your colleagues and friends. This time is for adjunct faculty members only and members of the College’s administration will be there as listeners. You can access the meeting with the following link:

[Zoom Link Omitted For Security reasons–email or check Oakton email for link]

If you need assistance with a specific concern see the resources listed in the attachment, drop us an email, or come to the listening session. Starting in the Spring semester, the AFA will be holding regular drop-in office hours for informal conversation.

We thank you for your dedicated work during these incredible difficult months. We need each other to continue the work ahead for our students and for our own well-being, the well-being of our families, and the College community. We hope you can participate in this listening opportunity to support each other.


Ileo Lott, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ruth Williams, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

Cheryl Thayer, Ph.D, President, Adjunct Faculty Association


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