New: Please tell your students about OCC Library’s Calendar of New Class Sessions and Workshops!  Several Library Adjuncts will be teaching these sessions: Click Here for Full List of Library Sessions.

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Open Office Hours: Friday, December 3 at 10:00am

AFA Board Meeting: Friday, December 10 at 1:00pm

Important Information for All Oakton Adjunct Faculty Members
  1. Vaccine/Testing Compliance: You can now check your compliance status when you log into MyOakton.  All faculty who come to campus (even just for a meeting) are expected to either submit proof of vaccination or weekly testing results. Tests can be done at Oakton or you can upload test results from other places, as long as they are not at-home tests. If you are in non-compliance, on the third offense, you may be suspended for one day without pay.  On the fourth offense, you can be terminated by the College.  For more information:   Oakton Covid Vaccine/Testing Compliance
  2. Learning Day:  All classes before 5pm on Wednesday, October 27th are cancelled (both face to face and synchronous).  If you teach or hold office hours on Wednesdays, you are expected to participate in Learning Day during those hours.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend as Oakton develops its next strategic plan. Adjunct faculty’s voices matter!  Learning Day 2021 Registration
  3. Sexual Harassment Training: A new round of mandatory sexual harassment training must be completed by the end of November.  It is appropriate to use Office Hours to complete this training.  Check your Oakton Email for a notification from SafeColleges Online Training.  The subject is “Vector LMS.” Questions should be addressed to cpd@oakton.edu.
  4. Contract Negotiations are on-going.  Please note that only Adjunct Faculty Association members are eligible to vote to ratify the contract.  Want to check your membership status?  Email: afaoakton@gmail.com.  Want to join?  Go to this link: Membership Forms
  5. Office Equipment: All adjunct office spaces have now been equipped with webcams and have personal headsets available.
  6. Mask Wearing on Campus: Everyone is required to wear a mask on campus unless you are in a private working space or have a medical accommodation. If you have a student unwilling to comply, this is a Conduct Offense.  If classroom management techniques have not worked, you can report the situation here: Non-Academic Violation/Behavioral Incident Report. You can reserve a private office using this link.  Space Request Form or email: slawacki@oakton.edu.
  7. Funds to purchase educational technology/software:If you are interested in purchasing software to improve students’ learning experience, the Center for Teaching Innovation has secured a grant, especially for adjunct faculty members to purchase such software. Center for Teaching Innovation Grant Information


Email:  afaoakton@gmail.com
Website: oaktonadjuncts.com