New Year’s Greetings from the Adjunct Faculty Association leadership!


AFA Member Meeting, Wednesday, January 11th, 4-5:15pm

Join us for the AFA general meeting before most departmental meetings begin.

All Adjunct Faculty Welcome!


●   Orientation Week Package: If you would like to be compensated .048 LHE for attending 3 hours of professional development programming during Orientation week, please register for programs and complete this form.

Due by Friday, January 13th.      Orientation Week Schedule.

●   Meeting Package: If you would like to be compensated .25 LHEs for attending 6 of 9 department/division meetings this semester, please complete this form. Meeting Schedule.

 Faculty Retreat  (virtual event) is next Thursday, January 12th. Yes, it does count toward the Orientation Week Package. 

Follow this link to register.

 All Faculty Meeting sponsored by OCCFA

Thursday, January 12th, 3:30-4:45 via Zoom.

“The State of Faculty Labor in Higher Ed: a state and national perspective.”

The guest speaker will be Vivian Zimmerman, Adjunct Professor at South Suburban College and Prairie State College and Chair of the IEA Higher Education Council. She will be joined by a NEA member in Government Relations as well as an IEA member in Government Relations.

Course Loads : If you are bumped or lose classes due to enrollment during the coming week, please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns about the process. Email us at:

Open Office Hours : Join us on the first Fridays of the month via Zoom.  Questions, comments, suggestions, advice, come and see us! (Zoom Meeting


Did you miss our Orientation Programs? No problem! View them here!:

Download AFA Fall 2022 Member Meeting Presentation

Download AFA Fall 2022 Adjunct Faculty Contract 2021-2024 Information and Updates on Contract Changes

The AFA Negotiation Team

John Bishop,  AFA Member Advocate

Cheryl Thayer, AFA President

Mary Hope Griffin, AFA Vice President

Nelson Wainwright, AFA Election Chair

Ruth Whitney