1.AFA Open Office Hours: Fridays, July 9th and 30th at 10am.

2.Drawer Contents in Adjunct Faculty Offices in DP: When the offices were painted two years ago, were your belongings boxed up?  You must claim your belongings from James T. in Room 2180 by September 30th or they will be disposed of.

3. Diversity Council: Interested in serving on the Diversity Council?  Interested in serving on another committee? Contact us at afaoakton@gmail.com.

4. We’re Here to Help: Do you have concerns about returning to campus?  Are you having trouble getting paid?  Do you have questions about course assignments?  Drop in to Office Hours or email us at:  afaoakton@gmail.com

Important News:

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Welcome to the Oakton Community College Adjunct Faculty Association (OCC AFA),   which represents all part-time faculty in the bargaining unit at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines and Skokie, IL.  The Oakton Community College Adjunct Faculty Association is affiliated with the IEA-NEA (Illinois Education Association-National Education Association).

We hope you find this Website helpful.  As you navigate the pages and the links, you will find access to the current contract and forms, member and general resources, negotiation updates, as well as general information about the union and its history.  Please scroll though each page to find what you need.  We encourage you to contact us with your questions.


Email:  afaoakton@gmail.com
Website: oaktonadjuncts.com