Negotiation Team members

Cheryl Thayer (AFA President)
Mary Hope Griffin (AFA VP)
John Bishop (AFA Member Advocate)
Nelson Wainwright (AFA Election Chair)
Ruth Whitney (AFA member)
Amy Pulham (IEA Region 37 Uniserve representative)

College Administration
Ileo Lott (VP Academic Affairs)
Ruth Williams (Asst. VP Academic Affairs)
Linda Korbel (Dean Liberal Arts)
Marc Battista (Dean Business & Career Technologies)
Colete Hands (Associate VP – Human Resources)
Andy Williams (Controller)
Philip Gerner (College attorney – Robbins Schwartz)


January 2021
AFA team bargaining members began meeting

March 26th
Interest Based Bargaining Training for all negotiation team members. Training program from Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service is run by the moderator for our negotiations.

Early April
Member survey sent to all AFA members and all part time faculty
105 adjunct and part time faculty answered the survey!!

Contract review by AFA members – members of the AFA split into 3 groups to read and review the current AFA contract. These groups met to discuss issues and questions about the contract and to suggest areas that may be included in the bargaining sessions.

April 16 – May 21
Contract negotiations begin.
Weekly meetings of AFA and College bargaining teams for negotiations.

Weekly meetings for negotiations begin again.