IEA/NEA Membership

How do I join?

Those who would like to join the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) can fill out the  payroll deduction form and the IEA/NEA Membership form and drop off the forms at the AFA office (DP Room 2470).  Non members can also contact the AFA about membership via voicemail or email.

Voicemail:  847-635-2193

For information on membership, you may also contact an AFA officer

  • Cheryl Thayer – President
  • Mary Hope Griffin – Vice President
  • Cindy Del Medico – Treasurer
  • Linda Berendsen – Secretary
  • John Bishop – Member Advocate
  • Valerie Krejcie – Membership

IEA is only as strong as it’s membership.  A large membership increases our leverage at the bargaining table and also gives us more delegates at IEA and NEA Representative Assemblies.

Please join the Oakton Adjunct Faculty Association today!