Emails to Membership During COVID-19


Dear AFA Members,

Over the last few days, you have received emails from President Smith and the college regarding Oakton’s continued campus closure through April 24th.  You were also informed about the agreement that has been reached with the staff union.

Please know we continue to advocate to protect your rights and well-being and to seek clarity about how this will impact adjunct and part-time faculty.  President Smith has acknowledged that we are among the most vulnerable populations of employees at the college. However, we are all in uncharted territory.

Please be in touch with us if you have particular questions.  We are aware that there are special issues for library faculty, coaches, faculty-tutors, and faculty teaching hands-on classes.  We know some of you may lack technology or reliable wi-fi. A few steps that would help us help you.

·      If you have not heard from your chair, please let us know immediately.

·      If you have not already done so or need help doing so, fill out the technology survey sent by John Wade.  If that proves too complicated, please simply inform your chair and copy us. Click here to fill it out: Technology Survey

·      Let us know of any other concerns you might have.

·      Share this email with your fellow part-time and adjunct faculty who may not be on our list.

·      If you are living alone, and would like someone to call and periodically check in on you, please let us know.

Stay safe and be gentle with yourselves!

The AFA Board


Dear AFA Members,

We wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you. The Adjunct Faculty Association board members are doing our best to advocate for your health (both mental and physical) and to protect your rights as faculty members.  We have been in touch with many members of the administration and the full-time faculty union.

Unless you are already teaching on-line, the rapid move to on-line teaching clearly adds a layer of uncertainty.  To begin the transition to on-line teaching, please immediately fill out the technology survey sent out by John Wade to let the college know exactly how much access to technology you have.  Here’s the link to the survey.

We also recognize that many faculty are over the age of 60 or have other health challenges.  Others adjunct faculty may also now have children at home, making working from home even more difficult.   We also realize that some of you are not big users of D2L and may have no experience teaching on-line.  We are doing our best to advocate for you on all fronts.

For those of you who are librarians, tutors, and coaches there are other questions about compensation.

The college has established an email to send questions:

If you email them, please copy the AFA at so we can try to track responses for everyone.

We honestly believe that the administration is working in good faith with all our best interests at heart.  Yes, mistakes have been made and communication not as clear as it could have been, but the administration has never faced anything like this themselves.  These are days to be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Please feel free to forward this to other adjunct faculty members, as our list is incomplete.

Please also communicate with us about any other issues we might be overlooking.  CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL RESOURCES.  

Take care of yourselves,

The AFA Board

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